by Steffen Härting
by Moritz Mercker
by Moritz Mercker
by Steffen Härting
Former Teaching
VorlesungHyperbolic Conservation Laws: theory and numerical methodsSummer Term 2018
Seminar Theory and Applications of Delay Differential EquationsSummer 2018
VorlesungMathematische Methoden in der Systembiologie Winter Term 2017/2018
VorlesungFunktionalanalysisSummer Term 2018
VorlesungHöhere AnalysisWinter Term 2017/2018
VorlesungAnalysis 2Summer Term 2017
VorlesungMathematische Methoden in der Systembiologie Summer Term 2017
ProseminarGegenbeispiele aus der Analysis Summer Term 2017
VorlesungAnalysis 1Winter Term 2016/2017
SeminarModeling with Differential EquationsWinter Term 2016/2017
Main SeminarApplied AnalysisWinter Term 2016/2017
SeminarMathematische Modellierung medizinischer und biologischer SystemeSummer Term 2016
VorlesungGewöhnliche Differentialgleichungen und Dynamische SystemeWinter Term 2015/2016
VorlesungMathematische Methoden in der SystembiologieWinter Term 2015/2016
SeminarMathematical Theory of Pattern FormationWinter Term 2015/2016
LectureMethods of Multiscale AnalysisSummer Term 2015
SeminarNonlinear Functional AnalysisSummer Term 2015
Main SeminarApplied AnalysisSummer Term 2015
Compact courseIntroduction to Modelling in Biosciences with Differential EquationsFebruary 16-20, 2015
VorlesungFunktionalanalysisWinter Term 2014/2015
VorlesungMathematische Methoden in der SystembiologieWinter Term 2014/2015
SeminarSemigroup Theory with Applications to Partial Differential EquationsWinter Term 2014/2015
Main SeminarApplied AnalysisWinter Term 2014/2015
SeminarBoundedness and Blow-Up in Differential EquationsSummer Term 2014
VorlesungNichtlineare Partielle DifferentialgleichungenSummer Term 2014
VorlesungMathematik für Informatiker 2Summer Term 2014
Main SeminarApplied AnalysisSummer Term 2014
SeminarMathematics of Pattern FormationWinter Term 2013/2014
VorlesungHöhere Mathematik für Physiker IIIWinter Term 2013/2014
VorlesungMathematik für Informatiker 1Winter Term 2013/2014
Main SeminarApplied AnalysisWinter Term 2013/2014
Main Seminar Differenzialgleichungen in den Biowissenschaften 2010 - 2014
VorlesungHöhere Mathematik für Physiker IISummer Term 2013
Compact SeminarRenormalized and entropy solutions of partial differential equationsWinter Term 2012/2013
Compact SeminarMathematische Modellierung mit Partiellen DifferentialgleichungenWinter Term 2012/2013
Special CourseSingular perturbation methods and multiscale analysisWinter Term 2012/2013
CourseMathematische Methoden in der SystembiologieWinter Term 2012/2013
CourseReaction-diffusion equations with applicationSummer Term 2012
Compact SeminarMechanisms of biological pattern formationSummer Term 2012
CourseMathematical methods in systems biologyWinter Term 2011/2012
Compact CourseStability analysis of singularly perturbed stationary solutions of 2-component reaction-diffusion systemsSummer Term 2011
Series of Lectures"Nonlinear partial differential equations and their applications" in the framework of National Doctoral Studies in Mathematical Sciences, Mathematical Institute, University of Wroclaw, PolandMay - June 2011
Series of Lectures"Models of structured populations, their analysis and application to cell differentiation problems" at the school organised by IMPA, Foz do Iguacu, Parana, BrasilMarch 2011
CourseGrundvorlesung "Mathematical methods in systems biology"Winter Term 2010/2011
Summer SchoolMathematical Modelling of Cancer Growth and Treatment organised by European Commission Marie Curie Program15.08.-28.08.2010
Compact SeminarMathematical modelling of processes in complex media15-19.02.2010
Series of Lectures"Pattern formation" at the school organised by IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, BrasilMarch 2009
Compact CourseDifferential Equations in Biosciences12.2008
CourseTransport Equations with ApplicationsWinter term 2008/2009
CourseGrundvorlesung "Mathematics for Biologists"Summer Term 2008
CourseEvolution equationsSummer Term 2007
CourseReaction-diffusion Equations with Applications in BiosciencesWinter Term 2006/2007
Practice SeminarPartial Differential EquationsSummer Term 2005
Course"Mathematics for Biologists" for students of the Department of Biology (together with Prof. Willi Jaeger) Summer Term 2004