by Steffen Härting
by Moritz Mercker
by Moritz Mercker
by Steffen Härting
Organized Conferences

Conferences & Workshops

ECMTB 2022Heidelberg, Germany19.09.-23..09.2022
PIMS-Germany Workshop on Modelling, Analysis and Numerical Analysis of PDEs for Applications Heidelberg, Germany 24.06.-26.06.2019
Days on multiscale modelling in tissue and cancer growthDjursholm, Sweden10.12.-11.12.2018
Workshop on Computational TopologyHeidelberg, Germany19.11.2018
BIOMS SymposiumHeidelberg, Germany01.10.-02.10.2018
Workshop "Differential Equations arising from
Organising Principles in Biology"
Oberwolfach, Germany23.09.-29.09.2018
ECMTB 2018Lisbon, Portugal23.07.-27.07.2018
Workshop: Mathematical Perspectives in
the Biology and Therapeutics of Cancer (Scientific Committee)
CIRM Marseille,
Mini-Workshop "PDE Models of Motility and Invasion
in Active Biosystems"
Oberwolfach, Germany22.10.-28.10.2017
Workshop "Modern Trends in Structures Forming Systems"Heidelberg, Germany07.08.-11.08.2017
Workshop "Mathematics of Pattern Formation"Bedlewo, Poland11.09.-17.09.2016
ECMTB 2016Nottingham, England11.07.-15.07.2016
MMSLS 2015 (Poster)Bedlewo, Poland08.06.-12.06.2015
ECMTB 2014Gothenburg, Sweden15.06.-19.06.2014
PDE models of multiscale biological processes (MATCH Special Semester)Heidelberg, Germany18.06.-20.06.2013
"Crossing Borders: Unraveling Principles of Life with Quantitative Tools" 2012 Summer School of the HeKKSaGOn ConsortiumHeidelberg, Germany17.09.-26.09.2012
Turing Symposium on MorphogenesisSendai, Japan27.08.-31.08.2012
Mathematical Models of Biological Phenomena and their AnalysisSendai, Japan21.11.-24.11.2011
The role of multiscale structure in biological systemsWarsaw, Poland27.09.-29.09.2011
ECMTB 2011Kraków, Poland28.06.-02.07.2011
Managing Complexity, Reducing PerplexityHeidelberg, Germany16.05.-20.05.2011
Trends in Stem Cell ResearchHeidelberg, Germany14.10.2010
Partial Differential Equations in Mathematical BiologyBędlewo, Poland12.09.-17.09.2010
Japanese-German Presidents' ConferenceHeidelberg, Germany31.07.2010
Mathematical modelling of cellular biosystems IIWarsaw, Poland01.10.-03.10.2009

Public Events

Tag der offenen Tür 2017Mathematikon, Heidelberg, Germany08.07.2017
Girl's Day 2017Mathematikon, Heidelberg, Germany27.04.2017
Girl's Day 2016Mathematikon, Heidelberg, Germany28.04.2016
Akademische MittagspauseSt. Peter's Church, Heidelberg, Germany25.04.2016 - 21.07.2016
UniMeileHeidelberg, Germany25.06.2011
Tag der Mathematik 2010Heidelberg, Germany03.03.2010